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Left Over

Left Over

Good Measure and Running Over……..

How can the impoverished have leftovers?

How can the poor have more than enough or too much?

How can the financially challenged fees others?

How can the nutritionally challenged share food that was donated?

How can the homeless invite you to share space?

Left overs are misconstrued and discombobulated.

It is seen as an overabundance

It is seen as a basketfull

It is seen as a boatload

It is seen as too much

It is seen as heapa

It is seen as a plenty

It is seen as a large quantity

It is seen as excess

It is seen as drove

It is seen as a plethora

Now, I am in awe because during the midnight our, unplanned, unrehearsed and with no extra; I can see someone living in the projects embrace and take in loved ones children of which expand the family and seemingly never miss a bit.

LOVE is great and it is in LOVE we do these things and room is made always when LOVE is the key.


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