Lesedi Shakur discusses the “Sisters of the Underground.”


Lesedi Shakur visits the Harlem Liberation School studio to discuss the origins, purpose and work of her organization, “Sisters of the Underground.” According to their website, they are a “Sisterhood from various Black Military Formations join forces to combat the underground human trafficking, domestic violence, gang retaliation, etc… across the globe. Empowering those impacted by crime to move from crisis to resiliency by rescuing and supporting women, children and men that are victims of violence in the black communities across the 50 states. We work with those who are at-risk of sex-trafficking, sex crimes, domestic violence, those seeking gang separation, and assisting families of gang victims serving as a victim’s advocate. Once victims are rescued, a comprehensive process involving justice for the perpetrators, and, recovery and rehabilitation for the survivors begins.
We will openly, vigorously, and loudly defend our children, women, and men that have become victimized in the Black community.”

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