LIBERATED but not FREE | Why a majority of black people have never been free in America


In America, we tend to think that we are the land of the free. It’s in our national anthem. However, what if that freedom is really a mirage? What if all Americans are under the power or control of another?

When we think of freedom we understand that it can be synonymous with liberty. Yet, there are differences between the two.

Liberty produces the state of freedom. When the slaves were emancipated, the bonds of physical oppression were removed. However, emotionally, intellectually, and culturally the slaves were not free.

For the most part, they still carried the slave mindset of reliance upon someone else for benevolence. They were robbed of their agency, yet few did not know how to regain their agency.

Therefore, a person can be liberated, but still not be free. Because freedom is a state of exemption from the power or control of another.

And, when you give your agency over to another in exchange for security and comfort, that person controls your destiny.

Today, the black culture is being controlled by a benevolent welfare state put in place by white liberals and black elites. This system only benefits the creators of it. The rest are all slaves to the system. Victims, if you will.

In order for all of the community to be free, we must return to the knowledge that our rights come from God. We must give Him the power to control our lives. When we do that we will experience true freedom!

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