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Mascoutah Coach!

Mascoutah Coach!

STOP complaining

STOP whining

STOP bringing shame to this game, it is disgusting what you are doing

STOP thinking the world revolves around you

STOP being weak minded

STOP being fragile

STOP framing yourself as though you have been failed

STOP portraying yourself like a victim

STOP acting like you were unsafe, unaware, unprotected and ignored

STOP being a KAREN in the making…….

This generation or new crop of athletes are so damn sensitive fragile, lazy,  weak, INCOMPETENT and entitled.

Everything today is supposed to be handed them.

They don’t want to work for nothing and by their account, feelings and emotions everything is abusive, immoral, dehumanizing, a violation and they are being mistreated.

We are creating a bunch of weak minded athletes.

Yes, if you didn’t perform at high standard or our coach expectation, they had tactics in place that we may have felt were: demeaning, disfavorable, immoral and unjust.

We were children.

We knew we couldn’t know more than our Rabonni.

We knew they wouldn’t kill us.

We knew they wanted to win.

We knew we had to work hard.

We knew there were fundamentals we had to perfect.

Your gripe is exactly what it is like being Black in America in 2022.

This is exactly the maltreatment and malpractice your ancestors did and your people still do to ours to get excellent, admirable, magnificent, exemplary, superb, distinguished, coveted, exceptional, perfection, elite, stellar work, performance and intellectual property.

We were and still is perpetually, generationally and consistently punished, rejected, denied, omitted and excluded for “not” being good enough, for “not” being worthy, for “not” producing high quality quickly and for “not” meeting approval.

Yet, we can’t sue.

Yet, we can’t feel discriminated against.

Yet, we can cry foul.

Yet, we can’t cry abusive practices.

Yet, we can’t say we are being misused.

This issue you are highlighting is not bullying.

This is not domineering.

This is not controlling.

This is not anything you have painted it or the coaching style.

This is exactly how Black people have always been pushed to greatness.

This is exactly how Black people have been pushed to excellence.

This is exactly how Black people have been pushed to be mentally strong.

This is exactly how Black people built this country.

This is exactly what distinguishes Black people from you and your kind.

This new found weakness, inferiority, frail, powerless, hesitant, unsteady, inconsistent and uncertain crop of athletes is proof that if this pass, you are opening the flood gates for more of this and this isn’t how AMERICA was built, stands and flourishes because “those” called essential workers are the low wage earners, poverty stricken by legislation and for this reason, you can’t learn Critical Race Theory.

Yes, when it comes to winning, our coaches are allowed to do and say what they will to get you to elevate your game, AS LONG AS IT WAS BENEFITTING YOU, THAT WAS OUR COACH’S ONLY GOAL.

Bye girl.

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