Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris & Dianne Feinstein Turn San Francisco into Dystopian Paradise | Ep 261


San Francisco is in full blown “Lord of the Flies” descent. With the mainstream media ignoring the drug-riddled streets created by the failed policies of progressive politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris, a Bay Area native and recovering drug addict has taken to the streets to hold a mirror to those in power. Ricci Wynne recently served 36 months in prison for cocaine trafficking and gun charges. When he returned to his beloved hometown, he was shocked by the drug-riddled dystopia he found. “I love my city. It’s just in demise,” he tells Jason. “I feel as though these policies that are being implemented in San Francisco don’t help. It’s so hard for me being a recovering addict, being a criminal, the odds are already stacked against me. It’s hard for me to walk down the street and not be aggressively offered to buy or sell drugs.” The former felon turned viral crusader joins “Fearless” to discuss the motivations behind his pursuit for policy change, how sanctuary cities are providing a haven for international drug trade, and to share a disturbing view of the reality on the streets of San Fran. “Fearless” contributor Steve Kim stops in to talk NFL. The league is appealing Deshaun Watson’s suspension, but not for the reason you think. Plus, ESPN actually provided content that Jason and Steven enjoyed, sort of.

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00:00 Intro
02:16 FIRESTARTER: Lord of the Flies Edition
11:24 Special Guest Ricci Wynne, Viral San Fran Hero
32:09 Whitlock Afterthoughts
46:01 Steve Kim: The Korean Cosell
1:03:14 Approval Rating on Roger Goodell

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