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Nathan Wade’s Disaster CNN Interview Interrupted As “Media Team” Tries to Halt the Bloodletting

Nathan Wade’s Disaster CNN Interview Interrupted As “Media Team” Tries to Halt the Bloodletting

■In a surprising turn of events, a “media consultant” for Nathan Wade interrupted a taped TV interview on Wednesday as the ousted former Trump prosecutor was questioned about the timeline of his relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

The unexpected incident occurred after Wade disclosed that he still “regularly speaks” with Willis and has assured her that the election interference case against former President Donald Trump “will live on” despite his removal from the position.

CNN’s “The Source” host Kaitlan Collins asked Wade, “When did the romantic relationship between the two of you start?” just before the interruption. Wade began to respond, addressing the timeline, when he noticed his handler signaling off-camera.

“I’m getting — I’m getting signaled here,” Wade said, and a man identified by CNN as Wade’s “media consultant” approached the set, requesting to speak with Wade off-mic. The pair then huddled together for nearly a minute, seemingly discussing how to answer Collins’ question.

When Wade returned, he smiled and resumed the interview, but dodged the timeline question. He argued that the timeline is “a pending issue” before the Georgia Court of Appeals and chose not to provide details that could jeopardize the case or court’s ruling.

Attorney Ashleigh Merchant, representing Trump co-defendant Michael Roman, has claimed that the relationship began as early as 2019. Wade, however, testified that the affair started around March 2022, while Willis stated it began “between February and April” of that year. Both have given conflicting dates for the end of their relationship, with Wade saying it ended in June or July 2023 and Willis claiming it ended in August.

The legal proceedings in Trump’s 2020 election interference case are on hold as the Georgia appeals court considers his motion to disqualify Willis for alleged prosecutorial misconduct. Wade stepped down from the case as per a prior ruling, but Trump’s legal team seeks to overturn this decision, arguing that Willis’ relationship with Wade created a conflict of interest and misused public funds.

Reflecting on his relationship with Willis, Wade stated, “The only thing I regret is the timing of it.”

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