"you people" Got my OWN mic, stage, key, seat & door by Marshata Caradine



I read people well, always have.

When my intuition kicks in, it normally kicks in, in high gear.

When my radar goes up about someone, I am normally on point.

Can I be mistaken about people, of course I can.

I have always made people that I esteem, like, enjoy and dislike a priority.

I have always wanted people healed, happy and whole but had to eventually come to terms with that fact  that if they don’t, my vision is obscure, my work is baseless, my seeds are barren, the tree I pick from is fruitless and what I do, say and how I feel may come off as meaningless BUT NOT really, NOT EVER.

Even in me pulling, pushing and pouring into, I am developing my purpose and passion so it is never and was never for naught.

A friend of mine that I have always adored, highly respected and willingly allowed myself to grow to intimately love (mentally) share these same characteristics, qualifies and desires, this is why we click because we are just laid back and extremely protective of the women we are and the lives we choose to live and the legacy we want to live.

UN means NOT, LESS means NOT, DIS means NOT and our COHESION means NOT as well.

Here reflecting on love, acceptance, friendship, ownership and life as far as I am concerned.

I get a chance to see my comrade, my sister, my friend, my accountability partner, my scolder blossom, go back to her first woman crush and be happy, peaceful and giddy.

I also see her be treated again as an option and not a priority.

She is with someone who she made her priority but she had never been a priority because her dad was deep into politics so therefore, they may have had a public face as family and unity but that manipulating spirit affords her way to finally being the center of attention.

I am elated that she is falling back in love with her in spite of what she says.

She is also sliding her sneaky way back because she ALWAYS knew who she had and what she had in her. If an abuser can continue to abuse you and you remain, then they know what to do and say.

She ALWAYS KNEW that this beautiful black woman was good to hear and for her, faithful to their relationship, a solid friend, genuine confidant, honest accountability partner and a selfless and caring soul.

My name has popped up 1 too many times along with my face, so me reading people the way I do, I can see exactly what is being done because narcissistic heterosexual do the same when they want to control another that they know well and who compliments them, make them feel protected and assists in them illuminating.

They revert back to what stimulates and melts the heart, and soul.

NOT me!

She found herself not a priority but an option and intellectualizes her standards, expectations, priorities and demands as I chuckle, I applaud her, she deserves it and I am reading it all well and clearly.

I pray she (ej) understands in totality that she has a GOOD ASS one (ns)who brings a feast to the table.

Extremely brilliant

Highly gifted

Extraordinarily keen

Multi skilled

Intellectually astute

Undeniably beautiful

NOT for me!

After telling me about those sporadic explosive visits to the house, I don’t so those things at all for no one. I  done with abusive, manipulation and controlling people.

I thought this would be different, when you are attached to other’s and  I am attached to you, I am also attached to them and well when my radar goes up, it goes up.

NOT to me!

This is more about me NOT getting intertwined in anything.

This is more about me protecting my heart.

This is more about me protecting my spirit.

This is more about me protecting my soul.

This is more about me protecting and understanding just how this love, emotion, feeling stuff work.

This is more about me simultaneously get why I didn’t give it, show it, be it, consumer it and trust it.

People gone People!

This has afforded me the most valuable lesson, just be and cut umbilical cords to those who I think want to be detached and do it willingly and swiftly for all involved for peace, friendship and happiness sake.

NOT about you!

Me chasing the wrong thing, wanting the wrong people, giving space to the wrong places does not ever lead to the right ones I have overlooked, rejected, denied and pushed away.


People gone People!

NOT about anyone else!










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