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Orlando Harris, I’m Sorry!

Orlando Harris, I’m Sorry!

“The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” African Proverb

Here thinking on the timely, willful, allowed and wielding dwindling of our African American people.

As an educator, we need to stop with the fake concern, consideration and thoughts and prayers.

We have seen too many young people senselessly lose their lives and we adults have become numb to school shooting.

This isn’t normal.

This isn’t just.

This isn’t good.

This isn’t right.

This isn’t us as a Black people.

These “interfaith vigil for children’s lives” of which is a gun safety initiative is about money, not eradicating the ills that is plaguing our children, education and the inner city communities.

Now, we had law enforcement or school resource officers inside the school, how did that work out? That is not the key, that is not the answer, that is not the solution.

White folks outside  singing Amazing grace is an insult to our intelligence.

They showed up at a prayer vigil on gun violence publicly while privately voting to keep oppressive, racist, demeaning, terrorizing laws, rules, codes, mandates, legislation and policies in place to allow the perpetuation of us not being safe in our churches, schools, theaters, the communities or restaurants is mind blowing and a joke.

White folks hide behind their guns.

White folks profit off of the gun industry.

White folks feel safe with their guns.
White folks understand that their RIGHT to kill, hurt, harm, put in danger and evoke terror because of guns is keeping Blacks terrified, causing internal illness and mental issue is insued all because white folks have 2nd Amendment RIGHTS to be violent, malicious, vicious, and murders.

This young man Mr. Orlando Harris is who I would like to focus on.

He is even in this moment a hero.


Dr. King said, “Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere.”

When my community is seen as yours.

When my health is seen as yours.

When my safety is seen as yours.

When my children’s education is seen as yours.

When my nutritional intake is seen as yours.

When resources are seen as worthy for all to partake.

When life and living is seen as worthy as yours.

When our freed is valued as yours.

When our pursuits towards happiness, peace, community and inclusion is seen as an asset and not a liability; this will indeed continue because Whites spearhead this.

This isn’t senseless, this is strategic, legislated, clearly understood and well documented.

The school to prison pipeline is what this is all about, the ptsd and trauma is the catalyst of early death and early imprisonment of our Black children.

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