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Purge is to get rid of

Purge is to end

Purge is to stop

Purge is to dismiss

Purge is to exclude

Purge is to deny

Purge is to reject

Purge is to evict

Purge is to eradicate








Our children are not attending educational institutions but purgatories.

Here thinking on who we are as a BLACK PEOPLE deeply and genuinely and who we as a BLACK PEOPLE have always been and what we as a BLACK PEOPLE have accomplished in far more worse conditions as this, and somehow we are WEAK, INFERIOR, IGNORANT, NON THINKERS, MORE DIVIDED AND OUR CHILDREN KNOWS BEST?

The PURGE of BLACK TEACHERS/EDUCATORS was essential to get us to this moment in time is something.

I needed to document my feelings, thoughts, views, and truth.

Our schools indoctrinate

Our schools omit truth

Our schools serve unhealthy meals

Our schools have cancer causing chemicals that we inhale and exhale

Our schools have teachers who don’t care

Our schools breed violence, immorality, inhumanity and low self esteem and confidence

Our schools are outdated

Our schools are exclusionary

Our schools are racist

Our schools deny our children freedom to be, see, envision, master, own and be great

Our schools threaten our children concerning individuality

Our schools steal our children’s soul, hence they are walking around sounding, acting, and presenting themselves in an unfamiliar manner to our culture due to the purge.

Our schools uphold draconian laws, rules, codes, mandates and policies and push our BLACK babies into the criminal justice system under the guise of law and order inside of the schools where they are told they are FREE TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES AND SPEAK HOW THEY CHOOSE but then secretly but not really are written up and referred for the school to prison pipeline when they exhibit the “proven” research outcome of PTSD AND TRAUMA.

Make it make sense because it don’t and you can’t.

Our schools are oppressive, regressive and an insult to our inner city Black future’s innate intelligence

Our schools are no longer educational institutions but purgatories because of the legislated and intentional: hurt, sufferings, harm, danger, unsafe, disrespect, and exclusion of the future of Black people and it should cease.

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