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Retention Vs. Social Promotion

Retention Vs. Social Promotion

Retention says; you didn’t master, perfect, understand and produce to the level of one who can build upon what was taught, said, and presented so therefore you can’t go to the next level.

Our African American teachers of old were not concerned about your feelings, what your friends thought or anything of that nature, they held high standards, expectations and demands and expected you to produce superiorly and with much excellence like your friends did living in the same conditions as you.

Our African American teachers upheld that no excuse policy for any reason.

Our African American teachers didn’t teach to a test, they taught the whole child and brought out what was in no matter how you learned, they were ready and had their defunded schools set up for the way you learned.

Our African American teachers didn’t allow things to “carry over” they understood the community, they understood poverty, they understood because in them was a deep level of care, love, concern, ministry and a calling to resist all of those things legislated by America and bring out the scholar within and they did.

Our African American teachers built lasting relationships with the students, their families and understand that we an extension of them and when we failed they failed, and they refused to allow us to fail and it had nothing to do with workload or money but their future.

Social promotion is indeed what these White folks who HATE socialism brought to us and our communities. These teachers from these pop up/microwave and unaccredited teaching programs are trained to just pass no matter what. They are there to make THIER lives easier and they don’t want  any interactions with the families or communities so if they speak that whitenese and give out A’s they are all good.

They grade our children with the mentality that poverty is a disability and it impacts or impedes their development.

These teachers are the most incompetent, inept, ignorant and illiterate and they gladly come to our area to “save” us and we realize just how inept and ineffective they really are.

These are the SAME people ranting against critical thinking as they are not teaching READING, PHONICS or ANYTHING honestly.

These are the SAME people who have never had to be masters, proficient, scholarly or anything because they were secluded in white affluent spaces, private schools and the like and never had to really EARN their grades, percentages, stats or accolades but handed them. Remember the college scandal?

These are the SAME people who just come up with new ways of teaching, acting, being, presenting and none of them are effective, look around us, listen to our children, observe their human interactions……..

These are the SAME people who love to flaunt research based, proven research, evaluations, assessments of our students and their own organization the APA have admitted to generationally knowingly, willingly, intentionally lied on us and ours.

These are the SAME mediocre people, weak people, incompetent people who do and want to do the most minimum work possible and hold the same minimal standards for our children.

Our students don’t and haven’t failed, these schools with these White teachers have failed.

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