Rev. Al Sharpton: Evil Marxist Disguised as a Preacher | Ep 238


The Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade has inserted the usual cast of progressive politics peddlers back onto our televisions and social media feeds. Cue Reverend Al Sharpton. It seems the formerly rotund reverend has been on the race-baiting scene since he was “ordained” as a minister when he was 9 years old. Nearly 60 years after becoming a man of the cloth, he’s back in his bully pulpit taking aim at the pro-life movement, charging pro-lifers with heresy and making up scripture to hijack Jesus and the Bible for political profit. Sounds like a verse from the Book of Big Alfred. Jason says it’s Sharpton who is the heretic and a danger to the community he professes to serve. “Al Sharpton is not a minister. He’s a disciple of politics disguised as a disciple of God. His role is to bait religious people, particularly black religious people, into abandoning their faith, values, and principles for political power.” “Fearless” soldiers Dave Shannon and Delano Squires join the discussion. Plus, Jemele Hill has hopped on the abortion train and plans on sharing her complete thoughts on the matter in her upcoming memoir. Who asked for the Jemele Hill memoir? Steve Kim swings by to help “Make It Make Sense.”

00:00 Intro
15:53 Dave Shannon joins the Firestarter
31:43 Make It Make Sense with Steve Kim
39:57 Approval Rating on Jemele Hill
43:55 Professor Delano Squires

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