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Rodgers or the Rock? Steph or Stephen A.? Would You Elect a Sports Personality President? | Ep 644

Rodgers or the Rock? Steph or Stephen A.? Would You Elect a Sports Personality President? | Ep 644

2024 presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is kicking around the idea of Aaron Rodgers as a potential vice-presidential running mate for the 2024 election. This gets Jason thinking. Of all the sports personalities who have hinted at or been mentioned as a hypothetical political candidate, is there actually one who you’d vote for? Steve Kim joins “Fearless” to debate whether they would pull the lever for Aaron Rodgers, the Rock, Steph, or Stephen A. Smith. Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas is shooting off again. This time, he adds fuel to the Micheal Jordan-LeBron James feud with his allegation that Jordan was juicing. Nick Saban continues to spread the truth about the state of college football. This time, the Alabama legend testifies in front of Congress and shares the words of his wife that helped lead him to a heartbreaking and career-ending conclusion. Finally, Jason and Steve dive into the Dak Prescott lawsuit that seemingly dropped out of nowhere. The Cowboys QB is filing suit claiming that a woman is attempting to extort $100 million out of him. She claims the Dallas star sexually assaulted her back in 2017 — despite never filing any criminal charges in the case. Is this Deshaun Watson 2.0?

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00:00 Intro
02:18 Which athlete would make the best president?
06:42 Steve Kim joins Fearless to discuss athletes’ political aspirations
17:45 Gilbert Arenas accuses Michael Jordan of using performance enhancers
31:24 Why do all in sports media become groupies for LeBron?
42:07 Nick Saban speaks to Congress about the NIL’s effect on college football
55:16 Dak Prescott files lawsuit accusing woman of $100 million extortion scheme

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