Stephen Jackson, All the Smoke & Why Black Gangs Matter | Spiritual Warfare: Church v. Roe | Ep 237


Former NBA star Stephen Jackson made social media headlines over the weekend after posting a video of himself hanging out with members of a notorious Chicago gang. The clip shows the NBA champion covered in diamond jewelry and surrounded by young men throwing up gang signs. While Jason doesn’t agree with some of Jackson’s tactics, he does give him credit. ​​”I don’t believe in distancing myself from the people at the bottom of American society. The most vulnerable people in American society, I don’t think we can just walk away from those guys and ignore them and hope that they go away.” Jason shares his thoughts on why Black Gangs Matter and welcomes the perspective of Jackson’s friend, colleague, and “Fearless” soldier Royce White. Roe v. Wade continues to be the topic of discussion around the country, but is it a point of discussion in America’s church? Furthermore, should it be? In Tennessee Harmony, Jason welcomes Pastor Anthony Walker and special guest Pastor Ron Tucker of Grace Church STL. The trio tackles the role of the church in combating the country’s culture war. Plus, Jason seeks advice from the pastors over a recent Twitter interaction with Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett.

00:00 Intro
16:10 Royce White joins the conversation
42:01 Approval Rating on Stephen Jackson
48:33 Make It Make Sense Shemeka Michelle
57:29 TN Harmony with guest Pastor Ron Tucker, Grace Church, St. Louis

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