Tekle Sundberg Is Dead & BLM Is To Blame | Charles Barkley To Trans ‘I Love You’ | Ep 249


Tekle Sundberg opened fire in his apartment complex and nearly killed a young single mother and her children. After an hours-long standoff, police shot and killed Sundberg. Protesters took to the streets in Minneapolis this weekend to honor the memory of a would-be murderer, the woman who narrowly escaped death took exception to the people demonstrating and celebrating the man that nearly killed her. Jason believes this is another example of the hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter. “Reaction to the death of Tekle Sunberg lays bare the true mission statement of Black Lives Matter. The hashtag movement is dedicated to legitimizing and legalizing black violence, particularly violence that victimizes poor black people.” Jason says. Minnesota native Royce White joins “Fearless” to discuss the late upheaval in his home state and to discuss the unwinnable situation BLM has forced law enforcement into. Charles Barkley made a bold announcement over the weekend; Shemeka Michelle wants Jason to help her “Make It Make Sense.” Plus, Delano Squires discusses politicians in skirts and the new agenda behind the second wave of the diversity, equity, and inclusion movement.

00:00 Intro
21:48 Royce White Fans the Flames
50:35 Make It Make Sense Jason Whitlock
1:00:33 Professor Delano Squires

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