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The BET Awards and My Rant on Black Democrats

The BET Awards and My Rant on Black Democrats

In this video I am addressing my issues with Black Democrats. People easily conflate my disliking for Black Democrats as a disliking for Black People when that isn’t the case.

I’m sick of the nonsense of the Black Democrats that drags the race down as a whole.

0:00- Response to Taraji P. Henson at The BET Awards
3:19- Why I Dislike Black Democrats
6:05- Democratic Black Women
8:36- Democratic Black Men are Cuckleberry Fins
9:56- The Black Church & Black Preachers
13:44- Black History Month is Useless
16:23- Black People and their White Liberal Saviors
18:45- Black Race Baiters & Professional Victims
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