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Cliff Notes Version of Joe Biden’s Record From Over 5 Decades In Office. Y’all voted for this.

For those that don’t now or need a quick refresher. This video is for educational purposes only!! **FAIR USE** Copyright (more…)

Fame & Idolatry Can Destroy Caitlin Clark the Same Way It Did Deion Sanders & LeBron James | Ep 673

Jason has a cautionary tale for Caitlin Clark. Clark is the most exciting thing to happen to basketball since LeBron James. Believe it or not, Whitlock was once a LeBron supporter — before fame and idolatry stole his soul. Jason discusses the warning signs from Clark’s introductory press conference and shares his advice on the pitfalls to avoid becoming the next LeBron for all the wrong reasons. Maybe no one in the history of sports enjoys and benefits more from his status as a sports idol than Deion Sanders. Coach Prime uses his celebrity to bully those he sees as lesser than and, in one astounding instance, to circumvent justice. Whitlock shares the story of a former high school baseball coach and security officer who was left permanently disabled after being attacked by Shilo Sanders. J...

The OG Panther Growls For John Sinclair :: Mudd and Black Panther Blair Anderson Talk Panther Unity

Following the passing of legendary activist and poet John Sinclair, Moorish Mudd hits the streets and links up with veteran Black Panther Blair Anderson, who served in Chicago under the direction of Fred Hampton. Sinclair was known as a founding member of the White Panther Party, a political organization standing in unity with the Black Panthers for the liberation of the people. In honor of his legacy, a new call for unity and action is being made, to be recognized at a John Sinclair celebration event in Detroit on April 20, 2024. Follow Mudd Soundcloud - Instagram - YouTube - @themoorishmuddshow5940

Defending Ourselves From Terrorists & False Narratives

#OJSimpson #TrumpTrial #BlackUberDriver #SadeRobinson *Black Uber Driver allegedly shot and killed by an 81 year old white man; N.Y Post names him as a victim *Bill Maher and others still try to push that "O.J. Did It" narrative. *Donald Trump trial commences; jurors dismissed; Is he likely to have a fair trial? *Justice for Sade Robinson, more details into her gruesome death. You can donate and watch on Rumble here. CashApp:$GavinRichardEsq Zelle:504-289-4002 Special time at 6:30 PM CST

From Heartache to Healing: How a 74-Year-Old Patient Defied Heart Failure

The MHW medical team discussed the case of a resilient 74-year-old battling severe congestive heart failure. Despite having a defibrillator and diligently taking medications, frequent hospital admissions for decompensated heart failure persisted, casting a shadow of uncertainty. While upgrading the defibrillator to a biventricular device was considered, the patient hesitated due to concerns about surgery. The team opted for a bold approach, embracing the power of nutrition. They prescribed a raw detox and whole food plant-based diet for an impressive 116 days—mostly raw, packed with nutrients and vitality. The results were staggering. The patient's ejection fraction skyrocketed from 20% to an impressive 50. Miraculously, the need for an updated defibrillator and reliance on diuret...

Google Arrests & Terminated WOKE Activist Employees (Israel v Hamas]

Google Arrests & Terminated Activist Employees (Israel v Hamas]

O’Reilly Calls Out an ‘Infantile’ Anchor at CNN

Another anchor at CNN displays total incompetence. O’Reilly reacts to the latest media fiasco surrounding Donald Trump. --- Subscribe to The First: Download Our FREE App: Sign Up for Our FREE Daily Newsletter: Follow Us on Social! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ABOUT: The First exists for the massive group of Americans whose voices have been ignored. The people who are passionate about American values, aren’t afraid to engage big ideas, and who care about where the country is headed. The people who are conservative in their views but aren’t beholden to any part...

Cosmetology teacher pimps out her highschool students with her son!

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Hundreds of Thousands (Incarceration, Mental Health) | Full Film | America ReFramed

In HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, a family reeling from the unjust incarceration of an ailing mentally ill loved one, calls on their faith and the strength of community to right a systemic wrong. A documentary film by Christian Vasquez & Stevie Walker-Webb. Learn more about Hundreds of Thousands: For more from the Liberated Lives collection: #AmericaReFramed #HundredsofThousands #LiberatedLivesPBS #family #brothers #love #support #incarceration #mentalhealth #solitaryconfinement #documentary #film @FieldofVisionFilms @PBS SUBSCRIBE YouTube: Newsletter: FOLLOW America ReFramed: Website:

Marjorie Taylor turns Greens on Mike Johnson & Mayorkas!

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TRUMP TRIAL: “The Whole World Is Watching This Hoax”

Donald Trumps trial kicks off under the shadow of political persecution. **About the show The Kim Iversen Show is a fully independent program produced for your entertainment and information. The one hour show airs live M-F at 11am PT/2pm ET at Clips from the program are published to YouTube daily. **Medical Disclaimer: The CDC states that masks are effective and patients should not try medications or protocols that are not approved for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19. The CDC states that COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and reduce your risk of severe illness. Hundreds of millions of people have received a COVID-19 vaccine, and serious adverse reactions are uncommon. This program is not a replacement for medical advice and may explore counter opi...


US CRISIS IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - WITH DR GERALD HORNE paypal - Want to create live streams like this? Check out StreamYard:

🔍 The Diddy Files: SHYNE Wrongly Convicted Rapper? A Deep Dive.

Explore the controversial case of Shyne with AV7, as we dissect his claim of wrongful conviction. Did fame play a role in his trial? We’ll review his early career, analyze key points from a recent interview, and evaluate the evidence presented at his trial. 🔍 Highlights: Background Check: Quick review of Shyne's rise in hip-hop and his legal battles. Interview Reaction: My thoughts on Shyne's interview where he claims innocence. Legal Analysis: Insights into the trial's complexities and media influence. 👀 Why This Matters: If you're into legal drama and stories of redemption, this video sheds light on how celebrity can impact justice. Dive into the facts, question the narratives, and consider the meaning of justice in high-profile cases. 📢 Join the Discussion: Was Shyne merely at the wro...