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The Tragic Story of Orlando Harris With Educator Marshata Caradine

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H. Rap Brown: “Burn Baby Burn” (GIU 11)

On the 23 year Anniversary of the imprisonment of Imam Jamil Al-Amin (formerly H. Rap Brown) Bilal Sunni-Ali, veteran Black Panther Party member and former Political Prisoner stops by Guerrilla Intellectual University to rap with Dr. Jared Ball and Kalonji Changa about the history and framing of Imam Jamil.

MoT #336 NBC Still Wants To Intimidate Public From Punishing Judges

5 years after Aaron Persky was recalled for refusing to punish Brock Turner the white media’s still trying to convince the public to not punish lawless judges like Persky, or risk judges giving everyone overly harsh sentences. But it’s not about judges, it’s about protecting certain offenders from the law. CashApp: $ProfessorBlacktruth Patreon: Email: #B1 #WeAreTheBlackMedia

☕ Morning fam, There is no sense of urgency. And by the time there is, it will be too late.

☕ Morning fam, There is no sense of urgency. And by the time there is, it will be too late.

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Culture vouchers. And sell outs

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Classism In The Community

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Why Are The Divine 9 And NAACP Speaking For All OF Us?

Demetra and Donovan along with the audience discuss Blk organizations speaking for us. And other topics. Connect with Donovan on Youtube: @DonovanSaadiq

NAACP Rejects 5 Million Cash Payment To Black Descendants Of Slavery San Francisco Now Recanted

This video is about San Francisco proposed reparations package suggesting a “one-time, lump sum payment” of $5 million to eligible Black San Franciscans who are descendants of slavery, however the San Francisco chapter of the NAACP rejected the potential measure, arguing reparations should be disbursed via investments and opportunities for the Black community, not direct cash payments. NAACP strongly believe that creating and funding programs that can improve the lives of those who have been impacted by racism and discrimination is the best path forward toward equality and justice,” San Francisco NAACP President Amos Brown said in a statement, Instead of direct cash payments, Brown and the NAACP called for investments in “five key areas,” those being education...