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The NBA Draft & LeBron James’ School Disaster Reflect the Destruction of Black Families | Ep 726

The NBA Draft & LeBron James’ School Disaster Reflect the Destruction of Black Families | Ep 726

The fact that the 2024 NBA Draft saw non-American black people with the top two picks (and white guys littered throughout the first round) is a further indictment of the black family structure in our country. Pair the draft with the continued failure of LeBron James’ I PROMISE School, and it should be abundantly clear that the destruction of the nuclear family and the ascension of matriarchy are two of the most destructive forces plaguing black America. T.J. Moe and Steve Kim join Jason to discuss the collapse of the black family and ESPN’s incompetent draft coverage. Plus, more skeletons are falling out of JJ Redick’s closet. Are the latest revelations enough to jeopardize his job with the Lakers?

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