The Real Reason Brett Favre & Ime Udoka Are in Trouble | Ep 294


Almost immediately after the news broke surrounding Boston’s Ime Udoka’s impending suspension for multiple sexual relationships with women in the Celtic’s organization, the refrain on social media became “but what about Brett Favre?” Former NFL QB Robert Griffin III went as far to say that if you have more of a problem with an adulterous NBA coach than an accused former NFL fraudster, you are part of the problem. Jason rejects the false Favre equivalency but says there is something that ties the two stories together, and it has nothing to do with race. “We should be talking about the sense of entitlement pervasive among athletes and other celebrities because of our culture’s out-of-control idolatry. Entitlement explains the behavior of Favre, Udoka, and virtually all of America’s celebrities.” “Fearless” soldier Steve Kim returns to join the conversation about idolatry and entitlement and about Stephen A. Smith’s rebuke of fellow ESPN personality Malika Andrews’ charge of victim blaming. Former NBA star Royce White adds the athlete’s perspective to the discussion. Plus, viewer Len Cabrera joins the show to share his theory on how HBO’s “House of the Dragon” is actually a sad reflection of the current state of America.

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