The Reason Jason Whitlock Is Critical of Black Culture & Its White Puppet Masters | Ep 251


Jason received an Instagram message that left him shaken. Loretta, a long-time follower, questioned his commitment to the African-American community. She accused Jason of only being critical of black people and black culture, but never providing any answers to the problems he exposes. This one message leaves Jason questioning everything about “Fearless.” He explores the questions raised by Loretta’s letter and delves deep into the reasons he’s critical of black culture, its white peddlers, and offers the solution to all of America’s problems in one word. Jason cites plenty of source material, from Charles Barkley’s appearance on “The Pivot Podcast” to Tony Evans’ sermon on “The Idol of Culture” to the over-dramatic campaign video of a weed-smoking, abortion-loving minister running for Senate. “This culture is sick and perverted and satanic, and this show is going to continue to hold a mirror up to it every chance we get, because it’s killing us.”

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