What Outdated Beliefs Are You Clinging To That Is Stopping You From Living Your Best Life?


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I have had multiple people refer to me as a content creator. Despite having created thousands of pieces of content, I have never viewed myself as an influencer or content creator, but I guess I am.

Here is what you should know about me. I am simply a person who is passionate about helping others while sharing my story and my journey of self-discovery. If I am honest, I spent a significant part of my early years trading away or abandoning myself for the sake of validation and acceptance. Even my successes were tied to proving my worth to others.

Fortunately, I started a journey of self-discovery that I am still traveling. This journey has been challenging and liberating. I no longer need the validation of others. I am no longer trading away pieces of myself for acceptance. I value myself too much for that. What is interesting is the more I value myself, the more I see the value in others no matter where they may be in their walk.

I want nothing more for each of you than for you to experience the freedom I now enjoy daily.

To learn how you can work with me on a one-on-one basis, email LifeChange@rickwallacephd.link

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I have more great news! Everyone who enrolls will be entered into a drawing to win a $10,500 Platinum Package to work with me for an entire year. That is right, I am giving away a platinum package (Valued at $10,500 ), and the names will be chosen from the people who sign up for this class. The drawing will take place during the class! Everyone who does not win the Platinum Package will be gifted two following-up sessions worth $700.

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