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Whitlock: Fani Willis and Black Democrats Are the Most Racist People in America | Ep 646

Whitlock: Fani Willis and Black Democrats Are the Most Racist People in America | Ep 646

As expected, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee granted district attorney Fani Willis permission to continue her racial hoax against Donald Trump. The prosecution of Trump in Atlanta is a racial lynching led by a racist. Judge McAfee was too afraid to put a stop to it because he knows that anti-white racism is popular in Atlanta. No one believes Trump and his cohorts committed election interference, let alone a level of interference that justifies criminal charges. Willis’ prosecution solely depends on anti-white racism and political bias. Jason lays out his case as to why Fani and black Democrats are the most racist people in America. Shemeka Michelle joins “Fearless” to discuss the Willis decision and add her insights to our sit-down with social media personality Pearl Davis. Former Giants star running back Tiki Barber has found himself in a feud with another former Giants back, Saquon Barkley, after Barber made comments concerning Barkley’s departure to Philly. That prompted ESPN’s Ryan Clark to air his grievances with Barber from his rookie year in the NFL. Jason shares his take and pays homage to the career of Aaron Donald, who announced his retirement.

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00:00 Black Democrats are the most racist people in America
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