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Whitlock: Why You Should Cheer for LSU & Angel Reese over Iowa’s Caitlin Clark | Ep 658

Whitlock: Why You Should Cheer for LSU & Angel Reese over Iowa’s Caitlin Clark | Ep 658

This is not an April Fools’ Day joke. Crazy as it sounds, Jason Whitlock could end up rooting for LSU and Angel Reese over Iowa and Caitlin Clark. “Bayou Barbie” vs. “Show White” for the right to advance to the Final Four is the most culturally relevant basketball collision in 45 years since Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Larry “The Hick from French Lick” Bird met in the men’s NCAA title game. Angel Reese isn’t a star — she’s not even a costar — so why would Whitlock be rooting for the flamboyant, abrasive role player? Because LSU coach Kim Mulkey is the real star of women’s college hoops. Mulkey is the real villain, the force who threatens the Left’s narrative in all of sports. Whitlock unpacks his thoughts in today’s Firestarter. Coach Jason Brown of “Last Chance U” joins “Fearless” to discuss Kim Mulkey, and T.J. Moe stops in to challenge Jason’s bandwagon jumping.

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00:00 Why you should consider cheering for Angel Reese over Caitlin Clark
24:50 Coach JB joins Fearless to discuss LSU vs. Iowa WBB
49:15 T.J. Moe joins Whitlock to debate his stance on Caitlin Clark
1:05:05 Dawn Staley has been dubbed as the chosen savior

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