Why Democrats Fear Black Conservatives | Ep 266


In this special edition, we sit down with “Fearless” soldier Royce White, fresh off his first battle in the political arena. Royce’s bid for the Republican nomination to take on the far-left Ilhan Omar fell short, but he joins the show to discuss the lessons learned and what is next. Jason and Royce discussed the reasons why the political establishment and party Democrats are so terrified of black conservative candidates. “There’s a conservative movement coming. There’s a black conservative movement coming that is not afraid, that has sacred honor, that has morals and ethics that we are willing to live by and die for.” Royce says. As further evidence of the fear free-thinking black people impose on liberals, Mother Jones released a hit piece days before the primary entitled, “What Happened to Royce White?” The article questions the authenticity of Royce’s political beliefs, even saying his campaign felt like “a prank.” Jason says the tone of the article is fairly evident. “How dare Royce White intellectually evolve? We gave him a set of talking points at birth that as a black man he has to stick to, and he’s strayed from those talking points.” Plus, Royce shares his thoughts on the FBI’s raid on resident Trump.

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