Why Jason Whitlock is Not Offended by Donald Trump | Ep 253


This Fearless Friday is full of fire. A NY Times columnist authored an apology to Donald Trump voters, but not the president himself. Jason says some people see the apology as progress in the war between corporate media and Americans, but he’s not one of those people. “Stevens’ apology fell flat and felt insincere to me. A real mea culpa would start with acknowledging that Donald Trump was and is right about the political establishment – both Left and Right. Mainstream politicians, corporate media, and corporate America sold out the American people.” Jason’s favorite political candidate Kathy Barnette shares his sentiment and goes even further on the failure of the media and its blind hatred for Donald Trump. In the aftermath of the Roe v. Wade decision, there’s been a number of prominent black preachers using the pulpit to share pro-abortion messages. Delano Squires drops in to discuss the growing divide between the political views of black and white Christians. Congressman Burgess Owens joins “Fearless” to discuss the fatherlessness epidemic and the reason the NFL hates America. Marcellus Wiley is out on “Speak for Yourself,” Richard Sherman is in at Colin Cowherd’s network, Charles Barkley lashes out, and Steve Kim is here to cover it all. Finally, Jason explains why he’s not offended by Donald Trump, how Bill Burr destroys the pro-abortion argument, and that Joe Biden is a creep, and you need to the deal with it.

00:00 Intro ft. Special Guest Kathy Barnette
21:12 Professor Delano Squires
36:12 Utah House of Rep. Congressman Burgess Owens
53:30 Steve Kim: The Korean Cosell
1:09:32 Final Friday Finish from Jason

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