Why the FBI Raid on Donald Trump Is a Turning Point in American History | Ep 264


In both a historic and unprecedented move, the FBI raided the home of former President Donald Trump. The search warrant was issued to recover alleged top secret documents Trump had removed from the White House. While the Left is cheering the move as another blow to the potential 2024 campaign of Donald Trump, Jason argues the raid has done the exact opposite. “This is going to work out well for Trump politically, he gets to be the martyr; and he’s not just claiming to be a martyr, he is a martyr.” Jack Posobiec joins Jason to discuss the significance of the actions taken by the Justice Department and why this has the potential to be a turning point in the history of our country. “Fearless” contributor Delano Squires shares his thoughts on the Trump raid and how the diversity, inclusion, and equity movement is poisoning men. T.J. Moe joins the Trump discussion and makes the case for Ron DeSantis to be the Republican presidential candidate for 2024. The newest member of the Fearless Army, Virgil Walker, adds a biblical insight to the Trump conversation and explores how the D.I.E. campaign has made “evangelical” a derogatory term. Plus, the first lady of “Fearless” Shemeka Michelle enters the Trump vs. DeSantis debate.

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00:00 Intro ft Jack Posobiec, Senior Editor of Human Events (www.humanevents.com)
18:40 Professor Delano Squires
49:08 T.J. Moe: The Show-Me Kid
1:19:12 Fearless Soldier Virgil Walker, G3 Ministries
1:36:16 Shemoke Show with Shemeka Michelle
1:43:13 Approval Rating on Donald Trump

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