"you people" Got my OWN mic, stage, key, seat & door by Marshata Caradine



WOKENESS is to seeing ALL of these systems that interconnect and highly populated by WHITES who need BLACK ignorance, illiteracy, detachment, and weakness to maintain these systems that is immoral, unjust, unethical, and so AMERICAN as it gets and it must be addressed.

WOKENESS is seeing the nerve that America have to expect me to NOT be an angry Black woman as it illegally, deny, reject, omit and exclude me and mine under the guise of MAN MADE laws, orders, legislations, policies, rules, codes, mandates all in 2023.

WOKENESS is legislating the omission, denial, rejection and exclusion of intellectualism, inquisitiveness, critical thinking to see past the smoke, cliches, misuse and abuse of stolen power.

WOKENESS is being highly degreed but grossly underemployed while daily doing all of the heavy lifting and labor while not being insured and the CEO’s get in an hour what you get for the year and it is coming to an end. I mean 500 plus years should be long enough, right?

WOKENESS is realizing that it doesn’t matter if it Republican or Democrats when it comes to us and ours in these inner cities, NEITHER ‘party” cares, serves, and elevates our education, living, journey towards happiness, wholeness, good health, security and peace. Dr. Carter G. Woodson said, “History shows that it does not matter who is in power or what revolutionary forces take over the government, those who have not learned to do for themselves and have to depend solely on others never obtain any more rights or privileges in the end than they had in the beginning.”

WOKENESS is listening to someone say that WOKE is a SMOKE SCREEN as these lying, immoral, racist, fearful, incompetent and inept men will say anything, do anything, and create anything and present anything to keep STOLEN power. Malcolm X said, “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses. The press is so powerful in its image-making role, it can make the criminal look like he’s a the victim and make the victim look like he’s the criminal. This is the press, an irresponsible press. It will make the criminal look like he’s the victim and make the victim look like he’s the criminal. If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” We have had War on Drugs, we have had High Crime, we have had all kind of “proof” why we live the way we live and have what we have like we don’t know it is LEGISLATED.

WOKENESS is seeing how those once visible and boldly printed signs that read, “Whites Only.” O they are there, they have just been reimagined, replaced, reworded and renamed to and by dollar signs and mileage signs. America make sure we can’t afford access, opportunities, and inclusion by making sure we don’t have a livable wage and well if we can’t afford those high fees such as but not limited to: travel, lodging, uniforms, replacing, dining therefore we can’t compete, defy the odds, bring truth to our children. AAU and NCAA comes to mind. It has never been about our ability but about inclusion, access, opportunity, and will.


James Baldwin informed us that America needed our labor and athletics and now they can’t get rid of us. WOKENESS is also, understanding there is absolutely nothing mediocre, amateur, weak or inferior about BLACK intelligence, brilliance, creativity, skills, muscles and minds and most definitely athletics ability and America make us poor families sign WAIVERS of which they are not responsible or held accountable or liable for any hurt, harm or danger to us or our children. WOKENESS is also making sure the most gifted and talented on any court, in any gym and on any field is legislated education malpractice and curriculum discrimination so that we can’t intellectually understand the jargon, language and communication that is rooted and grounded in the SLAVE labor mentality and production.

WOKENESS is understanding that when you are poor and you turn to GoFundMe to help with burying your child or loved one, or needing help with medical bills or groceries we are provided with a long list of reasons why we should be able to afford these things. We are reminded that GoFundMe is not our Life Insurance, is not responsible for our medical bills, is not responsible for anything we need assistance for but when it comes to affluent people who HAVE the financial, means; immediately they are given MILLLIONS by the public.

WOKENESS is understanding just how much this country stole from Africa and turned it all malicious, evil, and bad. Research Khemet vs Christianity. I am just learning that the Swastika was started in Africa and it meant, Let wellness, blessings and goodness be or prevail for everyone. Now, it is associated with murder, crime, violence and terror just like our medicine and so much more.

Because the America we inner city has always dealt is finally seen and heard.

WOKENESS is to see a CONgress who deny, reject, omit, defund, and exclude intellectualism, brilliance, progress. How did we get a leader like the Honorable President Barack Obama who wasn’t “grandfathered” in or didn’t have “years” in this gang called politics where political terror, political trauma and political torture of which is all wielded by the hearts, hands and ink of weak, inferior, ignorant, immoral and racist men.

WOKENESS is understanding that our “founding” fathers were nothing but a group of white men creating ways in which Blacks (ALL OF US) remained the proven successful economic engines and the best way is to keep us ignorant, detached, divided, and gullible and relying on a faith that they orchestrated to get us to never doubt or question whatever they did, how they did it or why.

WOKENESS is to see all of these Departments of……. Yet, they never address the issues that plague us inner city dwellers of which to me delegitimizes their professionalism, proficiency, purpose and passion. You know, Department of Education, Department of Environmental Department of Agriculture, ya know…….

Check It Out! Peep! 👉🏾  COME CLEAN……

WOKENESS is to victim blame and impoverish shame those for what America literally allow, and legislate; how is it that those who have more know more than those in these legislated oppressive positions? Why are they always the face, and voice for those in these oppressive positions? Those who are impoverished are without money not intelligence, brilliance and creativity. They had the sense to keep America open during the most deadliest of orchestrated pandemic of our time, didn’t they?

WOKENESS is to see NCAA who started out with NO Black athletes, “discover” their foolishness along with AAU who started in 1888 but “discovered” that they were being racist by KNOWINGLY excluding BLACK INNER CITY ATHLETES so in 2015 came up with an “URBAN INITIATIVE” program and then penned a way to defy the child labor laws and make billions off of our children’s love of their chosen sport, self discipline, humility, ability to take constructive criticism, ability to be focused, have a life of being resilient, have a winner instinct, provide excellency, grace, dignity and superior outcomes and appreciate the small things, being devoted to this sport, always have great hope and optimism, strong leadership skills, be self motivated, exude that inner desire to succeed, ability to set goals and maintain them, be the most coveted athlete with much confidence and proven outcome.

WOKENESS is seeing who conceived, nurtured, protected, birthed, and raised these immoral, racist, unjust, divisive, hateful and entitled little sons to grow up to be men with this same mentality. I mean, BLACKS honestly have a reason to do, be, feel and exhibit what irate things that these people who have the world catering to them act, feel and say but we don’t and we used to forgive, love in spite of, and other “scriptures” we stood strong on that allowed the perpetuating of our immoral, dehumanizing, disrespectful, unethical and unjust treatment but today, we are no longer thinking like that because that Godly way have not proven anything other than we too were mentally toxic for doing it.

Lastly, WOKENESS is seeing the words of Judge Roger Taney during the Dred Scott case, yet remain the law of this great land that we BLACKS built and is yet building. We work hard, and long for little pay and can’t buy a house, can’t move out of these toxic filled communities, can’t leave a legacy for our children, can’t assure our children not be passed on toxicity in their bloodlines, can’t make sure our children not only understand our history but make sure their they can finally live a life of freedom of terror, unnecessary and unwarranted terror and be able to flourish in a country they were born in and their ancestors built. WOKENESS is me! (I basically shared with you all what is in a chapter of my book called Mandated Reporting). Thinking on Who are “mandated” reporters, these are the people who are paid to hurt, harm, and break up families. If they honestly cared, instead of being mandated to report, why not get to the root cause of what is going on in our children lives and their family lives of which is legislated? White women and men make up the professionals in those professions and they profit off of, need, rely on, and support BLACK bodies being oppressed, impoverished, illiterate, ignorant, hunted, preyed upon, vilified, criminalized, falsely accused, and erroneously framed to make sure they are paid, living life good, and have that opulent lifestyle off of BLACK low wage earners, blood, sweat and tears.

Check It Out! Peep! 👉🏾  ODE TO DR. MAC!

WOKENESS is seeing clearly how America knowingly, willingly, purposefully and legislatively hurt, harm, endanger and zone us into toxic areas and crime ridden areas and Roger Taney said during the Dred Scott case, Blacks and their descendants we are not citizens and have no rights the white man was bound to respect.” Yet we are citizens to go.ll tto jail (a lot of the times they are innocent), we are citizens to pay high taxes, we are citizens to send our children to failed schools, we are citizens to spend our money, we are citizens to be legislated education malpractice, we are citizens to play in these sports, and we are citizens then drown in student debt and expected to repay them but can’t, we are citizens to open up banking accounts………..Someone isn’t being honest about our status her, right?

WOKENESS is seeing how America harshly prey upon, criminalize and.vilify us poor for CONTROLLED language.

WOKENESS is understanding just how much the insurance industry benefitted off of Blacks and is STILL standing because of the poor as well.

WOKENESS is seeing the “SHOW.ME DEM PAPERS” trap when America refuse us liveable wages, those who work in low wages jobs are college educated and can’t pay for all of these “legal” papers…….


WOKENESS is understanding how White America penned laws, rules, codes, mandates, legislation and policies to STILL get work, compliance and obedience out of Blacks by threatening how we can live, eat or travel. (Frederick Douglass spoke on how the Slave master used FOOD as a weapon and also NO TRESPASSING laws).

WOKENESS is calling something “amateur* to NOT have to pay your employees, kind like child labor but a lot fancier. #AAU Yet you profit immensely off of our children’s work ethics, athleticism, sacrifices and struggles.

WOKENESS is seeing how America created, wielded, and interconnected these racist and oppressive systems to not only get FREE LABOR but the money we working poor make (even with college degrees) it goes right back into the hands and banking accounts of Whites.

WOKENESS is knowing that what used to be a rite of passage and a prideful time for a parent child becomes driving age ) today, I know that no matter the preparation; at any moment I can be asked to come and identify their bodies and nothing will be done if they are killed in a traffic stop and obeyed the orders.

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