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‘You have to kick the f**king door down’: Kamala Harris drops f-bomb

‘You have to kick the f**king door down’: Kamala Harris drops f-bomb

Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday drew laughter and applause at the Washington, DC convention centre when she dropped an “F-bomb” while offering advice to a group of Asian-American activists on the importance of representation.

Ms Harris, whose mother was an Indian immigrant to the US and whose father was from Jamaica, is the first woman, the first Asian-American and the first African-American person to serve as Vice President.

She was roughly 12 minutes into a conversation with comedian Jimmy Yang at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies annual legislative summit when she recalled advice from her mother, who told her: “Don’t you ever let anybody tell you who you are — you tell them who you are,” and told attendees not to burden themselves with “other people’s limited ability to see” what they’re capable of.”

Sometimes people will open the door for you and leave it open,” she said. “Sometimes they won’t and then you need to kick that fucking door down!”

The Vice President also told attendees that she considered the late Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall- the first African-American to serve on the high court — one of her “mentors” even though she never met Marshall, who retired from the court in 1991 and passed away two years later.

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